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Helmikuu 8, 2022


Re-uploading observation onto public record account so it does not add onto my life list as I did not see these eggs myself. Will delete first observation after this. @clauden @sargassogirl if you want to add this observation back onto your favorites.

Not found my myself, but posted to Instagram by Dylan Simpson a local Bermudian fisherman. He said he found about 20 stuck to an old rope, which was attached to the sea floor, with several feet of rope floating at the surface. Two eggs still hadn't hatched yet (pictured). No Cat Sharks or Skates are known to live in Bermuda as far as I'm aware. Eggs were not saved unfortunately.

Apristurus laurussonii - Photo (c) FAO, osa oikeuksista pidätetään (CC BY-NC)
Käyttäjän dscatarino tunniste: Apristurus laurussonii, Hait (Osaluokka Selachii) jäsen
Lisätty 16. toukokuuta 2022


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