Ooh, He Scrubs Up OK!

That's the headline of an article in today's Herald-Sun which features a photo by Tricia Stewart (@triciastewart) from the Cranbourne Royal Botanic Gardens.

For those not familiar with the Herald-Sun, it's the newspaper with the widest circulation here in Victoria, Australia.

Tricia's delightful photo can be seen at https://www.inaturalist.org/observations/104499335.

It shows an echidna (towards the back of the snap) apparently in the process of checking-out a boot scrubber that has been made to look like one of its kin. Evidently the animal was caught in the act of investigating its potential mate and has buried its head against the base of a wall in a typical defensive response.

Anyone with access to today's paper can see this cool picture and the associated article on page four.

Great snap Tricia!

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Aw bless, thanks Michael.
Work made easy by our photogenic, and unusually eclectic, Australian wildlife.
I'm sure the photographic journalism prizes will start rolling in very soon.

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