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1. joulukuuta 2015

DC iNaturalist Happy Hour on Friday!

This Friday several of us are meeting up at a bar in DC called the Science Club (1136 19th St NW, Washington, DC 20036) for happy hour starting at 5 pm and going until...? Thank you to @muir for organizing!

So far it sounds like all of these people are planning to come:

Anyone else? Maybe @ecologyelise @botanygirl @calopteryx @amandaandmike @briangratwicke @dpom @treichard @adventure_us @dctr @lagirlstroemia @javierahr @ehurme @katl @mklein @layymkayy @lonnyholmes @andreaseabrook @jdeichmann @starfocus @guyfoulks @jimsteamer @rprather @ggnoma @yrhe @hsynn @jhammock ?

I'll try to bring name tags so we can write our real names AND our iNat usernames. The Science Lab is creating a special Biodiversit-ini just for us and they have plenty of other drinks as well. Hope you can come!

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6. joulukuuta 2015

DC Happy Hour report!

Last night several Homo sapiens gathered at the Science Club in DC to drink and be merry.

Back row (left to right): Scott Loarie (@loarie), Tim Guida (@timbir5), Yurong He (@yrhe), Carrie Seltzer (@carrieseltzer), Amanda Treher (@botanygirl), Stella Tarnay, Michael Gale, Matthew O'Donnell (@calopteryx), Jake Weltzin
Front row: Katja Schulz (@treegrow), Danielle Aube (@aegolius), Mary Ford (@maryeford), Matt Muir (@muir), Jessica Hamke (@jhamke), Michael Gill

Earlier in the night we also had @jhammock, @csavy, @audreykr, Dan Beaupre, Healy Hamilton, and Carol Seitz. Did I miss anyone? That's at least 21 people.

Thanks @muir for organizing and @loarie for bringing t-shirts! Who wants to plan the next event?

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