3. elokuuta 2022


Abnormal behavior in captive animals can include stereotypic behaviors – highly repetitive, invariant, functionless behavior, such as repetitive pacing, swaying, head-bobbing, bar-biting, over-grooming or excessive licking. These behaviors result from “the frustration of natural behavior patterns, impaired brain function, or repeated attempts to deal with some problem” (Mason, 2005).

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16. toukokuuta 2022

Invasive Species Cleanup @ Kingman Island

Joined Kingman & Heritage Island’s Living Classroom for a morning of honeysuckle removal.

As a non-native plant, honeysuckle does not add much value to the wildlife ecosystem. Vincent, a volunteer Island Keeper, explained that the flowers and leaves do not provide much nutrition for birds and insects (it is pretty much plant candy) so it essentially remains untouched. Because of this, it is able to spread without restraint and outcompetes native plants. I see honeysuckle bushes often, but have never given much thought beyond the cute flowers when they bloom. However, during the cleanup, I really grasped how detrimental invasive species can be to an environment. This was an overwhelming feeling, but by reminding myself of the common goal of all naturalists to heal our planet, the hard work involved, and the importance of teamwork I was able to remain focused.

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Opening my eyes and appreciating the wildlife right outside my window now more than ever.

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10. toukokuuta 2022

My first migrating bird!

Spotted a palm warbler...or did the palm warbler spot me?! #questionsThatNeedAnswers.

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April 23, 2022 — Earth Day

Finished up a day of cleaning at Kingman & Heritage Island by heading over to Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens. While there, I listened to the Down to Earth & Up to Us guided audio tour. It highlighted the social and environmental history of the surrounding neighborhood; giving me a deeper connection to a place I already love so much. Along the way I spotted a beautiful Barn Swallow taking a break on a branch.

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