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5. tammikuuta 2017

Trifolium amphianthum

I have a long standing offer of a good bottle of scotch, steak dinner, or equivalent if anyone can find a living population of Trifolium amphianthum. This species is often listed as a synonym of the South American species, Trifolium polymorphum (including on INaturalist). Other than morphological similarities, there is no evidence for it being included as a synonym since the type was collected by Drummond in Texas in 1838 before few if any non-native species were well established in Texas. It will also be treated as a good species in the upcoming Flora of North America volume. It is easy to identify by its perennial stoloniferous nature, pink or red showy chasmogamous flowers, and small cleistogamous flowers that grow into the ground forming a peanut, hence the common name, peanut clover.

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