Excellent key for Assassin Bugs (Reduviidae)

I was trying to ID an assassin bug from Costa Rica and came across this REALLY AWESOME photo illustrated key to subfamilies and tribes of Reduviidae. THIS is how all keys should be!!


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This is absolutely amazing - unparalleled levels of detail and organization. Applause to the entomologists who put this together. Thanks for sharing this!

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Looks like an amazing resource and I'll definitely be going through the .pdf when time allows. Thanks for sharing it with all of us on iNaturalist!

Lähettänyt whaichi yli 6 vuotta sitten

Thanks, Kimberlie!

Lähettänyt cgritz yli 6 vuotta sitten

Thanks Kimberlie I just downloaded it. Looks like a fun read I love the diagrams I had no idea how many species of Assassin Bugs their were. I will defiantly print this out and give it a through look. I will have to highlight a few key parts I saw when I skimmed it just a few seconds ago. Looks good thanks for sharing. Very cool! :)

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