Another successful BioBlitz! Thank you to everyone that came!

Thank you to everyone that came to participate in our 2nd Overton Ridge Park BioBlitz! We had around 40 folks come out! I see the observations starting to roll in and I'm thrilled with what we observed!

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Happy belated birthday Kimberlie! Sorry I missed your moth rave! I was kidnapped by leprechauns & forced to pin thousands of tiny green midges until sunup. By the time I made it to Overton you had all packed up and there wasn’t a moth to be seen! Maybe next year! :( I bet you had a blast! :)

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@catenatus Awww Clint, I wondered if you'd tangled with another snake! Glad it was only non-biting-leprechauns this time. The location is a neighborhood park, so I didn't want to annoy the neighbors with all night mothing, but I'm game for another time!! Thanks for the birthday wishes, too!

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