Costa Rica Trip

I just returned from an AMAZING short week in Costa Rica where I did NOTHING but iNat! I've started to upload some observations, but I took over 6,000 pics (O.M.G.) so I have a lot of trash pics to sort through. Expect to see a variety of stuff in the beginning, but a HECK OF A LOT OF MOTHS near the end!

If you are on Facebook and want to see the 200+ pics I posted, feel free to friend me or just visit my page. (They are public pics, so anyone can see them.)

Or you can check in on my iNat observations here:

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As soon as I get caught up on grading papers and final exams, I'll be taking a closer look at all the neat things you saw.

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No hurry @pfau_tarleton ! I'm no where near done uploading. Still working on day 1, in fact. If you get a chance, do look through the pics on FB though. :) Fun stuff! AMAZING moths!

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