Please help look for a new-to-science Southern California jumping spider - Maevia!

The arachnologist and jumping spider specialist GB Edwards is currently working on the salticid genus Maevia and is very eager to find new specimens from Southern California. There are at least one or two undescribed Maevia species in California - one appears to be found exclusively in Southern California and is the one GB is especially interested in finding. Here are some photos and locations of this cool little spider:

The orange markings on the abdomen are actually somewhat unique to this genus in terms of the California fauna and it should be fairly easy to recognize. If you find one, please collect it and keep it alive to send to Dr. Edwards. Feel free to contact me or GB if you have any questions. His direct email address is:

Stay safe (and socially distanced) out there and thanks!!


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@orange_sunshine @elntangle @conormcmahon @jeremiahbender @dmotte hey friends stay on the lookout for this special spood when you're out

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Thanks Rachel!!

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