Happy Hour Tonight?

If anyone's reading, the iNat team is going to restart our (admittedly infrequent) Bay Area happy hours. Tonight we're going to get drinks at Little Shamrock in SF, near the Cal Academy and Golden Gate Park, 6pm. Join us! I'm hoping to start doing this weekly, alternating btwn SF and Oakland / Berkeley, so if you can't make it tonight, there will be others. I posted some details at https://www.eventbrite.com/e/inaturalist-happy-hour-sf-east-bay-tickets-55673313379. Not sold on eventbrite yet, might switch to meetup.

Lähettänyt kueda kueda, 1. helmikuuta 2019 17:53


Cool. I'm in when it lands in the EB.

Lähettänyt vicsch melkein 4 vuotta sitten (Lippu)

Evite is a good app. Hope to make it sometime when I'm up in the Bay Area. Have fun!

Lähettänyt flygrl67 melkein 4 vuotta sitten (Lippu)

This is great -- I work every Friday night but am down if the weekday ever changes!

Lähettänyt marionanoiram melkein 4 vuotta sitten (Lippu)

Next time!

Lähettänyt metsa melkein 4 vuotta sitten (Lippu)

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