Tucson, AZ Happy Hour on Friday 6/21 and... recommendations?

Hey Tucson, I'm going to be in your city for a conference this coming week. Anyone want to meet up for beers on Friday (6/21) evening around 6pm? I know zilch about Tucson so I'll need help choosing a venue if anyone's interested. Some place with drinks, preferably without table service, maybe food. Pueblo Vita looks cool, maybe?

Also, I think I'm free to explore Sunday and Monday, so I need day trip recommendations! I've been to Saguaro National Park (East), Madera Canyon, and Mt. Lemmon (very briefly), so I might just return to those places. I also see it's really, really hot there right now, so maybe I should shoot for higher elevations?

Let's see, who's active in Tucson: @desertharrier, @maxkewlbirder1998, @heyitshelios, @ck2az, @janeyd, @davidbygott, @entomo-logic, anyone up for a beer / have suggestions about where to get said beer? Also, @psyllidhipster, are you in Tucson now?! @treegrow, any chance you'll be in town? @micrathene & @hemispingus: I know you two are on the other side of the state, but just in case you'll be in the Tucson area... I'm sure you could also recommend a brewery you like in town.

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Sweetwater Wetlands - has a lot of bird species, especially shorebirds and blackbirds.
Lake Kennedy - just went and saw a few Purple Martins flying around.
Tumamoc Hill - nice little walk with all sorts of wildlife. If you go early in the morning or before sunset, you'll have a good chance of seeing Mule Deer.
Greaswood Park - Nice little area where you can sit at a ramada and watch desert wildlife.

Sorry I can't help with brewery recommendations, not really a big drinker, but I hope you have fun though. Also, Tucson has been having an unusual abundance of Hooded Orioles (unusual for me at least) been seeing them nearly daily this summer.

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What part of town will you be in? There are a ton of breweries in town it just depends on where you are and how far you want to drive for both beer and excursions. Barrio brewing Co. off of Toole has good beer and they have a can’t be beat deal on the Sonoran Hotdog, among other food choices but if you haven’t had a Sonoran dog this is a must try! 1912 brewing is off of Grant on the West side of town they have a good selection of beer and mead, but the food option is lacking with only Tucson Tamale Co. food options. If you are willing to brave downtown, just throw a stick and you will hit a bar. Just google bars or micro breweries and it is hard to go wrong.
Field trips should be at higher elevations. Butterfly trail up on Mt Lemmon has been productive lately, Molino Basin is a nice riparian area and Peppersauce Canyon in the Catalina Mountains is always a good bet too. If you are willing to drive a little ways, I might recommend Carr Canyon in the Huachuca Mountains never disappoints. Ruby Road near Rio Rico is a good place to explore also with Oxybilis aeneus Bering seen there this time of year. Ruby Road turns gravel just after Pena Blanca Lake but if you continue out to Sycamore Canyon there is always crazy stuff there, just avoid the border crossing stashes. Road cruising out by the Marana Airport can turn up a good number of sidewinders and mojaves.


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Hi, I agree with the above suggestions for nature places to go. I can add the Dragoon brewery on W Grant Rd - wide variety of beers, no table service, usually a food truck outside but not as much food choice as Barrio. I might be able to join you but that day I’ll be returning from Ruby, my own favorite wildlife place (down near the Mex border).
Cheers - David

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Unfortunately, I'm in Illinois right now. I second the butterfly peak trail on Mt. Lemmon. It's spectacular and not too busy, even on the weekend. Mostly through dense forest, with some burnt areas and some spectacular vistas over the San Pedro Valley. If you find somebody else to go with and you have 2 cars, you could leave a car at Palisades and then do the trail one way. I think it's about 8-10 miles. I've also hitchhiked between the trail heads. Molino Basin is my favorite place in the world, but it will be really hot this time of the year. The trails near the top of Mt. Lemmon off Marshall Gulch or Ski Valley are also great, but they will be really busy on the weekend. Have fun & takes lots of pictures.

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Awesome, thanks for the recs, all. This conference is at the Hacienda Del Sol Guest Ranch on the north side of town, but presumably I can get a Lyft from there to anywhere? I guess I'll find out tomorrow. Anyway, anyone tentatively up for a drink at a hot dog at Barrio Brewing Co on Friday?

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Dang, we are going to be there the weekend after. Borderlands and Pueblo Vida are really good breweries two of my favorites in the state as are Dragoon and 1912. Santa Catalinas probably have the best diversity for you. Further, afield places like Buenos Aires NWR has amazing grasslands and riparian plus few people, the De Anza Trail in the Tubac area gets you some nice gallery riparian similar to Sonita Creek but closer to Tucson.

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I am game for Barrio. What time works for you?

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6pm? Is that crazy? I'm free any time after 5pm. I'll be the guy in the bandana and the iNat t-shirt.

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6pm is reasonable. Would you have any interest in road cruising up to Peppersauce Canyon afterwards? It is fairly close to your resort and I can drop you off afterwards.

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TOTALLY. I'll bring my stuff.

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