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kesäkuu 27, 2016

Moth Light at Quail Hollow -- 20 June 2016

My first moth-lighting experience ever! @kueda and @constance showed me how to set up a moth light/sheet at Quail Hollow Ranch as a sort of scouting trip for a few public events I'm trying to coordinate for National Moth Week at the end of July.

The moon was quite bright and nearly full (supposedly moths are less attracted to light on full moon nights?), but the weather was warm and windless and overall things went well.

Highlights for me included seeing moths at all, since I have absolutely no prior experience with this group in California (or really anywhere). But I was also pleased with the non-Lepidoptera: We got to see both the narrow endemic Mount Hermon June Beetle (Polyphylla barbata), as well as the much more common Ten-lined June Beetle (Polyphylla decemlineata), a number of other beetles, and an awesome ghostly mayfly with "turbinate" or "bongo-shaped" eyes.

Our upcoming events are scheduled for the 24th and 29th of July, 8 PM-11 PM, meeting in the Quail Hollow Parking lot.

You can register for these events at the Friends of Quail Hollow Facebook page:

National Moth Week: http://www.butterfliesandmoths.org/

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