18. lokakuuta 2020

ToL - Plants, Intro Animals (M 10/12)

Today, I went for a walk in New York City. I went outside and seen a bunch of pretty trees. Things were extremely nice but I also seen a different type of wild. There were animals such as lizards hiding behind dump-star. There was a bit of fungi within the area. I do not live here however, being around somewhere new made things a bit better. Instead of being where I was last time ( near my house) , I was around a more suburban area so this was cool. However, during the walk I couldn't take as much pictures but I will surely add the observations and maybe upload some other pictures later so my classmates have visuals.

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1. lokakuuta 2020


I went for a walk today in Harlem, New York specifically on the east side. It isn’t as pretty here but I thought of this as an interesting way to speak on biodiversity and fungi. I walked along the nice parts of the city possible. The weather was about seventy three degrees. This trail was basically a bunch of people in the city. Living in the city, having places that truly showcase nature is pretty far to get in touch with. I saw a lot of pigeons sitting together eating bread that people threw there. Something else that I saw was a lot of flies. The flies were flying around feces from dogs. When I walk by the USPS store that is now closed, I see the bottom of the door forming mold. This is an example of fungi that I see. This can be harmful to the people around because it does cause cancer and contaminates.

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