6 Nov/17

Well, it's as though a warm autumn had a door slammed shut on it. It's been cold for a week or two (0 - -5 C), but we had a dump of snow a couple of days ago (5 cm) and it's gotten cold. -15C this morning. The river has ice along it's edges, and it's likely to stay this way for a couple of days at least. Most animals have either left, or are in winter mode. Just after the snowfall, saw a couple of gulls, and a high flock of geese heading south. Juncos have left, so all we have outside right now are the 'usual suspects' - chickadees, nuthatches, crows, downy and hairy woodpeckers and blue jays. The guys that for some reason spend the winter here. Even the house sparrows are absent. It's odd how fast things can change. If this lasts, it will be one of the earliest winters I've seen, although I'm quite aware it could warm up and be a warm winter. Ah, the randomness of the non - human world!

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