Hakea sericea vs Hakea decurrens: an attempt to find reliable observations on iNaturalist

Research Grade:

Without the RG requirement:
Significant overlap, with the same major difference:

  • around Sydney and all the way south to Canberra and Nowra: Hakea sericea but not Hakea decurrens physocarpa;
  • between the Wilsons Promontory and Cape Howe: Hakea decurrens physocarpa but not Hakea sericea.

Hakea decurrens (any subspecies), Research grade:

  • some scattered observations around Sydney and Camberra;
  • more observations in the SE, where there are no RG observations of Hakea sericea.

Places where only Hakea sericea is found:

Places where only Hakea decurrens is found:

Some RG observations of Hakea sericea in the Greater Sydney Area with more than 2 IDs:

Some RG observations of Hakea decurrens physocarpa in E. Gippsland - Orbost / South Gippsland - East / Wellington - Alberton (never with more than 2 IDs):

Judging from these observations, reinforced by those from South Africa, I still think that the species observed around Lousã is probably Hakea sericea rather than Hakea decurrens ssp. physocarpa. The leaves are not always perpendicular to the stem, quite the contrary, as can be seen in these observations (among many others):

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