A look back on my iNat career

I've been meaning to do this for a while. Do I need to say I have an addictive personality?

Somebody stage an intervention (after City Nature Challenge 2018, anyway)

Update: I used the iNat export feature (https://www.inaturalist.org/observations/export) to make a really quick observation vs time graph and it's essentially the same!:

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This is hilarious! I am also concerned about my own health and well-being. I don't believe I can help you with the intervention...

Lähettänyt alisonnorthup yli 6 vuotta sitten

This is neat! How'd you export the data? The best way I can tell is the calendar view of your observations, but I don't see an easy way to convert that into a table.

Lähettänyt hydaticus yli 6 vuotta sitten

holy moly!

Lähettänyt bouteloua yli 6 vuotta sitten

@hydaticus There are much easier ways to do it than I did. There’s a csv export link at the bottom of each page listing your observations. Wouldn’t be hard to do that and make a histogram by date and add a column for cumulative count.

In my case, I have a big final report due tomorrow for phase I of a huge customer project (the single largest invoice my company has sent out! And I got to be project manager!), so I iust manually counted them and typed in the numbers for 30-day periods. Easy for months with a couple hundred observations, I just counted the number of pages and multiplied by 200. Took me a little while. Was a nice break after 9 hours of frantically scrambling to prep samples to ship out today.

My trick was I sorted by “date added” not date observed. I have added a few things from before iNat and wanted to get a snapshot of what my observation count was at any given time, not which days I saw things.

Lähettänyt nanofishology yli 6 vuotta sitten

Nice, I was thinking that I would have to count them manually to get the data. I figured no one would be crazy enough to do that, haha. It sounds easier than I anticipated, though.

Lähettänyt hydaticus yli 6 vuotta sitten

I did the csv data export and made a histogram. For the most part the data is the same, but I didn't export "date created" and had selected "date observed". I got the histogram made within 10 minutes of downloading the data, so that's probably a better option than what I did :X. I'll add the histogram to the post so you can see the data. Let me know if you need help with Excel.


Lähettänyt nanofishology yli 6 vuotta sitten

When we have the intervention, can we go outside and make observations during the breaks?

Lähettänyt sambiology yli 6 vuotta sitten

I think my intervention needs to be another bioblitz!

Lähettänyt nanofishology yli 6 vuotta sitten

Wooo hooo! BioBlitz at your intervention!!! ;) We can invite lots of iNatters.

Lähettänyt sambiology yli 6 vuotta sitten

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