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helmikuu 10, 2019

Blinding Austin with (Caterpillar) Science

Earlier this week, I had the surreal experience where people paid money to have me show them videos of caterpillars pooping (??) and I got to talk into a microphone and everything? Anyway, it was a ton of fun, even if it was only a ten minute presentation (?!). At least I got to defend mosquitos in the debate (and you BET mosquitos won).

The event was part of a quarterly series of shows in Austin called the Dionysium. It's essentially an intellectual variety show, and I will have to check it out if I have found a job by the time the next one rolls around (but that's another post ;_;)

The presentation file is here! (very large because it is full of embedded videos, though sped up VERY FAST to fit into ten minutes!): https://www.dropbox.com/s/iohrnyj1ctvk3ef/2019%20Dionysium%20Drowning%20in%20Caterpillars.pptx?dl=0

Original event posting in Austin Chronicle: https://www.austinchronicle.com/events/arts/theatre/the-dionysium-bugs-2380669/

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