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7. kesäkuuta 2016

Connecticut State BioBlitz

Defining something, giving it parameters, allows for replication. This is an important consideration in the BioBlitz concept.

Originally the BioBlitz concept was designated as to not be too specific to methodology. Indeed, the goal was to have fun, to naturalize, to commune with fellow nature enthusiasts, and to do science for the sake of pure exploration.

Simultaneously, and I feel this drive constantly, there is a desire by some organizers/scientists to make the data coming out of seemingly passive efforts to be more robust.

So, create a somewhat passive methodology that enables replication and high data resolution...there are many approaches.

From the standpoint of evolutionary ecology, the living world here on Planet Ocean is balanced by the two interacting behavioral forces of competition and collaboration. I really love this idea, of course, and I have now seen it played out at a bioblitz.

The Connecticut State BioBlitz 2016 functioned as a finely tuned relationship between these two forces. The goal was to break the all time BioBlitz record of 2519 species (actually taxa). We did it!

2769 taxa!!!

Going back to the parameters, a record breaker has to be defined. In this case, the BioBlitz was a 24 hr period consisting of a single GIS referenced polygon. This is not the only model out there, but it is probably the best model for competition replication.

I love the organisms, the science, the chaos, but by far my favorite thing about bioblitzing is community. In a way, it's like an exciting conference and science project all at once. This Blitz had about 200 scientists contribute their brains and senses to identifying taxa from literally all 'twigs' on the tree of life - from single-celled micro-organisms to the most complex, highly derived life forms. Lots of taxonomists.

Since starting our Biodiversity Schematics tour we have met many iNatters on the trail, new friends that enrich and inspire our desire for exploration and discovery.

Great naturalizing with all of you...

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