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18. syyskuuta 2016

Foster Falls Totally Dried Up

As the BioBlitz Season is coming to close, I have decided to move back to my house in TN to do some organizing, revamping, and planning for next year's BioBlitz season. Because my focus on Biodiversity, at least as far as my Biodiversity Schematics project is currently concerned, is primarily focused in the Southeastern US, I couldn't hope to be in a better location. Pretty much any site that I would need to visit is within a 10 hr drive. So, while I am here I plan on doing a daily exploration, if only a small one. There are amazing sites all around me. Well, actually I guess there are amazing sites everywhere!

Today I visited Foster Falls, a park within the South Cumberland State Park complex, as well as a TVA small wild area. There are 28 of these Small Wild Areas, of which I have BioBlitzed 4. Today was not a BioBlitz, but kind of a clean-up day. This is a site that I have naturalized many, many times. Because my camera has been broken for a few weeks now, I have missed so much of the fall wildflower season. I added a few things today, finally.

Of all the times that I have been to this site, the creek and the 60 ft. vertical waterfall were always flowing...not today.

Lots of Cladonia and Asteraceae

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