17. syyskuuta 2020

whitewater draw & willcox playa north

that is brutal! i do not have the glass for it! but spinning phalaropes and swaying stilts are good any time.

listen, we are unofficially counting the stilt sandpiper but not the plover (i do not think any of the blobs were plovery other than the killdeer).

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22. heinäkuuta 2020

Old Baldy-Super Trail Loop

old baldy to macbeth spring down super trail and in one of the narrow gullies up old baldy, i stopped for a damselfly and heard the whoomph of a raptor's wings ten feet overhead and a light blur down through the trees and gone. to look back up the gully at something light-fronted, red-necked and darting like a flycatcher and i really hope that wasn't a trogon that got away.they did not move like a towhee and it was bigger than a warbler.

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22. kesäkuuta 2019

Note about Boulder Canyon 2019

because obviously i'm walking it most weekends and those are the same yellow warblers and pine elfins - the weather this year has been really odd and they are doing rock-blasting four days a week mid-trail roughly. like 6/22 is the second day in a row of barely 60F there, the dogbane's blooming and no one is nectaring on it.

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