16. syyskuuta 2020

Western Honey Bee

I found this western honey bee in Alton. I saw This bee on a bush called Yellow Rabbit brush. The brush that the bee was on was at my aunt Dixie's house. The bush is located in a field with some horses in it. I also took another picture of the bees on one of the bee boxes at my house. The pictures were taken bout 5 in the evening and it was about 70 degrees outside and sunny. It was not windy or even cold at all. I took the picture in late summer. There was some eaten off grass by this bush. It is mostly dry by this brush. The bees at my house had sainfoin and alfalfa growing by them. There is also some wild flowers growing by them. They are also by a corn and potato field. There are quite a few rocks in my aunt Dixie's field. It is very dry so there is a lot of dirt everywhere. There were a few small clouds in the sky. The clouds can cool it down every once and a while if they go in front of the sun. We also get light breezes every day about and that tosses the loose seeds from plants and the soil around. The horses also eat the grass and can move seeds around. The bees looked kinda hairy and were black and yellow. I did not get close enough to smell them but I imagine about they smell like honey or pollen.

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