15. syyskuuta 2021

Lepodapera collection

Date 9/14/21
Location: Administration field on campus
Habitat: grassy landscaped woodland area with walnut trees and ivy growing, the walnuts started dropping their nut for the season and squirrels were gathering their harvest for winter.
Plants were herbaceous, Viney, and crawling on the floor, plants. Plants featured in the background of the Lepidoptera photo.

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26. elokuuta 2021

Curiosities of Bugs

A couple of years ago I had the most incredible opportunity to work at a butterfly biosphere. It was and incredible experience and I felt I got a have a personal experience with bugs that most people don't get the opportunity to have. But through this experience it made me wonder, why does it seem like most Americans are afraid of Bugs? They provide for us in so many ways, and can be a great food source, so wouldn't we evolve to be entomophiliacs rather than entomophobic?

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