Useful comments and search switches


URL switches I use often:

near me: "&lat=37.696&lng=-77.5&radius=25"
standard: "&subview=table&verifiable=any"
unknowns: "iconic_taxa=unknown"
unobserved: "&unobserved_by_user_id=schizoform"
to-id list w/ delay and excluding my own obs: "page=3&place_id=any&not_user_id=1815672"

things I commented: "comments?mine=true"

knowledge from replies, albeit w/o adequate attribution:

Red algae are plants.
Green algae are also plants.
Blue-Green algae is bacteria.
Brown algae is chromista.

what is that thing by the ocean?

Russula vs Amanita:
Jelly Ears in America: also cf
VA Blackberries vs Raspberries:

...but just on p1 of 30!!!

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