18. lokakuuta 2020

Journal Week 2

October 15, 2020, ink pond at Cornell College, 52 degrees Fahrenheit, breezy, iphone 10.

On Thursday October 15, 2020 I sat for an hour at ink pond at Cornell College in Mount Vernon, Iowa to observe the nature and the organisms inside this habitat. Ink pond is a beautiful small pond with plants surrounding the water all the way around. There is a foot bridge to walk across to view the other side of the pond, although hard to get to with large tree branches blocking pathway from derecho storm in August of this year. The pond is a smaller pond at the bottom of the hill from Cornell College that sits on the hilltop. There is a picnic table and other small rocks to sit on while observing the environment. Several different types of trees also surround the pond with several fallen leaves on the ground and in the pond during this fall season.
I saw up to five turtles in the middle of the pond sitting on top of the island in the middle of the pond. I enjoyed watching them swim while poking their head through the water towards this center island. Several would just sit on island and appear to be “soaking up the sun”. As I was sitting on the picnic table observing, I saw several ants crawling across the table. I was intrigued by the ants appearing to be all black and then when zooming in for the picture, I observed there was a unique pattern on its back, sort of black and red stripes. I also observed a wasp exploring the trash underneath my table, once the wasp flew away, I picked up and disposed of trash in garbage bin. Lichen was observed on trees surrounding ink pond as well as several plants such as the American Asters. The weather was chilly but perfect to sit and observe several organisms.

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12. lokakuuta 2020

Week 1 Nature Observation

October 11, 2020, ink pond at Cornell College, 84 degrees Fahrenheit, breezy, iphone 10.

I sat outside at the ink pond today for one hour. I first just sat and observed before getting my camera out. After several moments of observing I opened my camera and began to walk around the ink pond. It was a beautiful day, but breeze made it hard to get pictures of organisms, as several would just move with the wind. The ink pond at Cornell College holds habitat for many organisms. Trees, turtles, fish, insects, etc. and I look forward to observing a lot more in the coming weeks. The ink pond is a smaller pond, especially compared to the nature park pond we visited earlier in the week. The ink pond sits towards the bottom of the hill of our campus. The weather was beautiful, especially warm for an October day. I was saddened to notice several trees and tree branches down at my sight from the derecho in August.
I observed several organisms in the water, such as goldfish and turtles but was not able to get the best picture of these organisms due to them being in the water. The turtles would sit on rocks until I would get closer, then dive into the water. The goldfish were all over the pond, but I noticed a large number to be swimming in the middle of the pond. The plants I observed were swaying in the breeze, especially the persicaria or smartweeds. I look forward to returning to the ink pond later in the week to see what changes and different organisms.

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