16. syyskuuta 2020

Vanessa Fanyu Xiu's Journal Entry for BIOL 111

Jujube Phylogeny Placement: Plantae Kindom - Tracheophytes Clade -Angiosperms Clade - Eudicots Clade - Fabids Clade - Buffalo-thorn Family - Ziziphus Genus - Z. jujuba Species

The most recent ancestor to today's jujube is Christ's Thorn Jujube; its closest evolutionary partners include Ventilago viminalis, commonly known as supplejack.

Adaptation of Fruits Trees: All observed fruits change colours during their lifespan. This could be a result of adaptation: the trees may rely on animals to transport their seeds to reproduce, and brightly coloured fruits easily catch dispersers' attention. On the other hand, the greenness of young fruits (with immature seeds) is unattractive among leaves, allowing additional growth.

Unique Adaptation: a fruit of Wodyetia (the foxtail palm) has a hard shell, which almost makes it inedible. Maybe Wodyetia does not rely on animals to transport its seeds as much as other fruits do - its waterproof shell enables it to float to new places through water.

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15. syyskuuta 2020

Chinese Fruit Trees by Fanyu Xiu

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