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21. huhtikuuta 2020

Weekly Moths

This will be my first journal post, so may be somewhat of an experiment. It seems that having a weekly summary of the new moths could be a good idea for journaling. I am keeping a tally of moths seen for the year. It would have been a good idea to start the journaling at the same time. However, since I did not, I'll just include new moths for the year seen over the past week. For the purpose of consistency, I'll define a week as local Sunday through Saturday. So we're already into the next week. Moths seen this week are:

  • Archips argyrospila
  • Archips grisea
  • Archips semiferana
  • Argyrotaenia quercifoliana
  • Blastobasis sp.
  • Clepsis peritana
  • Clepsis virescana
  • Cobubatha dividua
  • Costaconvexa centrostrigaria
  • Cyclophora nanaria
  • Dichomeris ligulella
  • Eupithecia sp.
  • Gretchena bolliana
  • Hypena scabra
  • Idia americalis
  • Melipotis indomita
  • Nematocampa resistaria
  • Nomophila nearctica
  • Orthonama obstipata
  • Panopoda carneicosta
  • Parapediasia teterrellus
  • Symmetrischema striatella
  • Tripudia quadrifera
  • Udea rubigalis

I suppose I should add something interesting. I've noticed that Orthonama obstipata sometimes rests with wings held out flat and sometimes with them raised . I'm curious about this behavior but have not researched it yet. I'm including an observation of each, mostly to test out that feature.

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Unusual sighting: moth with three antennae

One of the most interesting moths this week is this Cacotherapia flexilinealis. It's unusual because it has three antennae. I suspect some injury to have occurred during the growth period of the antennae causing it to grow in two different directions.

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