15. syyskuuta 2021

Lecture Assignment #3

Location: Moscow, Idaho (field on southern side of A st. near McDonalds).
Date: 14 September 2021
Conditions/circumstances: calm, cool, and around sunset
Habitat: open field with tall intermediate wheatgrass and some trees

I went out to find insects in an open field around sunset. I spotted a common yellow jacket and what I think is a bronze ground beetle. It was metallic in color and I found him resting in the grass. I am excited to add it to my collection! I did not have the best luck catching the yellow jacket, but I did come across an apple tree! I decided to pick some for later. Because it was cooler in the day I did not have the best luck catching insects, however I went to the night time collecting trip at the reservoir and caught several bugs.

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27. elokuuta 2021

Lecture Assignment 1

I experienced the migration of Vanessa cardui, or painted lady butterflies through southern California. I am from Los Angeles, and was lucky enough to have this beautiful experience! Hundreds of orange butterflies flew through the sky; there were so many that some hit my windshield while driving! While watching the butterflies over the span of a week, it brought this question to mind: "Why do they travel so far?". After doing research I know that they migrate towards more vegetation for the caterpillar offspring. It is fascinating to me that such small organisms travel so many miles. Their migration is my favorite experience with insects by far!

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