Dan Rademacher

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I helped start Nerds for Nature, which has helped organize a number of iNat-powered bioblitzes.

By day, I'm executive director of GreenInfo Network, a 20-year-old Oakland nonprofit that makes print and interactive maps for hundreds of other groups. We also keep the official parks data for California (14,000 parks from 1,000 agencies) as a public services (more at calands.org).

From 2013 to 2015, I was Project Director at Stamen Design, a small SF-based firm that makes amazing things like http://mapstack.stamen.com, along with lots of cool things for clients that range from small nonprofits to museums to large corporations.

For almost a decade, I was editorial director at Bay Nature Institute, all about the natural world of the SF Bay Area.

Despite that, I'm at best a rank amateur in the field. But I know the people who know what they're doing...

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