Julie Reid

Liittynyt: 19. toukokuuta 2017 Viimeksi aktiivinen: 28. maaliskuuta 2023 iNaturalist Canada Kuukausittainen tukija elokuu 2022 lähtien

Enthusiastic amateur interested in all of nature, but obsessed with butterflies. Enjoy learning what is in my own backyard, and seeing animal behaviours I have never seen before. Examples - saw several species of wasps going into a snapping turtle nest that was hatching and take out the egg shells. Saw two female Canada Geese nesting together in the same nest with both laying eggs in it and two males with them. Seeing new species, identifying them, and learning about their behaviour keeps me happily outside despite the Deer Flies and mosquitoes and ticks and....well, you all know.

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