Anne Barbour

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Retired librarian. Have always climbed trees and explored nature. Grew up in Pointe-aux-Roches, Essex County, Ontario where I picked tomatoes and cucumbers for my uncle during the summer and learned all about Hornworms and pollinators in the process; raised three sons on 35 acres of bush near Gesto, SX Cty, where the soil composition was mainly Toledo Clay, so farming was more difficult and trees were not so readily cut down. Had the boys out in the swamp early and often. Life member of Essex County Field Naturalists' (now Essex County Nature). Moved with husband Brian to Coboconk, central Ontario upon retirement and we are now with the Kawartha and Carden Field Naturalists'. Nearing completion of a 10-year KFN project with my co-chair, botanist and biologist Dale Leadbeater, on the Flora of the City of Kawartha Lakes (formerly Victoria County) where over 2,000 specimens were collected from many properties, pressed and mounted for the TRT Herbarium at Toronto's Royal Ontario Museum. Graminoids and other pesky plants were identified by our mentor Mike Oldham, now retired from NHIC in Peterborough. Our county stretches from and includes arable land in the most northerly part of the St. Lawrence Lowlands, through which the barren sands of the Oak Ridges Moraine with its prairie species, cross, up through the limestone-rich Fenelon Falls area, and the wonderfully unique alvar of the Carden plain, and into the granite barrens of the Canadian Shield, hence our blessing of varied species from 'The Land Between'.

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