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Hey! I'm Ali, recent college graduate from SUNY ESF. I'm an environmental biology major who studied a lot of invertebrates during my education; mostly, I paid attention to insects (specifically hymenopterans), but I've got a love for anything without a spine!

I follow IDs of insects within the NY area and try to help with IDs that haven't gotten a second opinion yet! Sometimes I can be wrong, but I try my best to make IDs that I'm confident in.

I also sometimes go through the class-level insect IDs to narrow them down, and the IDs labeled 'unknown' to get them on the map. When I'm doing that, I tend to leave my IDs very general, usually sticking to order or family level suggestions. Sorry if I notif-spam you! Sometimes people have a lot of unknowns and I don't look at usernames as I'm going along.

My messages are always open! Feel free to say hi or ask me my reasoning for something : ) I'm also working on creating digitized and accessible dichotomous keys for people of a non-scientific background, so if you have any keys you love, I'd love to take a little look at them.
Current key I'm working on: Wasps of NY (current goal: getting down to subfamily)
Backburner: Ants of NY

Quick Credentials:

  • Took courses such as invertebrate zoology, tree disease & pathology, forest entomology, systematic entomology, marine biology
  • TA'd invertebrate zoology
  • Worked in an herbarium for ~4 years
  • Ran research on cataloguing ant species in the Pennsylvania area
  • Certified lover of little guys

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