Jack Holloway

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Since my bug collecting days starting at the age of three, I have had a passion and keenness for wildlife and the natural world. In the decades since, I have worked with wildlife from the Adirondacks of New York, to the plains of Nebraska, to the boreal bogs of Alaska and, to my current residence in the deserts of Arizona.

After working on my bachelor’s and master’s in wildlife ecology (Iowa State University and University of Arizona), I settled in Arizona where the incredible array of habitats and wildlife lured me to not return to my native Iowa.

Birding throughout the US and world remains my primary passion; however, I have ventured into the realm of Odonata over the last decade. At present, I am working on a 3-volume set of photographic books on the Odonata of Arizona dedicated strictly to identification. Volume 1 (damselflies) is 99% done and I am now looking for a few additional photographs to plug the holes in my inventory.

Outside of nature photography, lepidoptera, mammals, and herps, my other obsessive hobby is collecting bird books. My library contains over 5,000 books with 2,500 of them being bird books from around the world and in many languages. This collection has spurred me to create a website dedicated to showing samples of each book for anyone wanting to look inside a book before buying it unseen.

Bird book website Avian Review located at:

If you are interested in contacting me – or would like to help me find those last remaining damselfly photographs – I can be e-mailed at BirderJack3 .... at ... cox.net.

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