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I love being in the field. One reason I chose to study biology is that I am consistently amazed by how life works and have always been particularly enamored with plant life. I have a wide range of interests and skills associated with plant science. As an undergraduate, I helped to refine a protocol for extracting DNA from Spanish moss and did some exploratory work on cross-species transference of microsatellite DNA primers for Spanish moss, in addition to assisting Dr. Corey Devin Anderson with this work I also spent time doing fieldwork for a spatial analysis project. Also while pursuing my undergraduate I worked in the laboratory of Dr. Catherine Bush (now at Elon University) and published a paper on Paw Paw systematics. I am currently working on my Master's thesis at VSU (in the Anderson lab in collaboration with the Goddard and Uyeno labs) examining the biomechanics of strand breakage in Spanish moss.

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