Michael Keogh

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I’ve had a life-long fascination with all aspects of the natural world. Unfortunately my career choices precluded me from enjoying the outdoors as much as I would have liked but, outside of working hours, I spent a lot of time beachcombing, snorkelling, fishing, foraging for mushrooms and hunting. Ferals like rabbits and deer were my chief quarry.

I have a low tolerance for introduced species so find it difficult to walk past noxious weeds without uprooting them.

Since my retirement I’ve developed a particularly keen interest in native orchids but I also have a soft spot for butterflies and moths. Nevertheless nowadays all life forms are fair game for my camera.

I majored in Zoology at the University of Melbourne, where I also studied Botany and Genetics.

I enjoy seeing others’ records of their finds and will suggest an identification if I think I can help. If I make a mistake it isn’t because I’ve been flippant.

My profile picture shows the heart of an Eastern Spider-orchid (Caladenia orientalis) flower. That particular plant was the first spider-orchid I discovered during the first of my many wanderings through the Wonthaggi Heathlands in 2016. It's a lone plant and is situated some distance from the main, mostly-caged colony. It’s still going strong today.

Go your own way, tread lightly and happy hunting.

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