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I have had a life long interest of the natural world with an artistic viewpoint. I had always observed nature without recording it, then I was introduced to Inaturalist I grew up in the Eastern Townships of Canada, moved to Vermont in the late sixties. Retired from the Environmental Program at University of Vermont in 2000 where I worked with a group of exceptional people. I became a Vermont Landscape artist sharing my love of the Vermont landscape throughout the country but it was my living canvas , my home where i found my greatest joy.. I live on a piece of land teeming with wildlife. I was inspired to love the natural world by my grandparents, my parents and the writings and teachings of Rachel Carson, Roger Torey Peterson and John Muir. I have tried to live in harmony with nature. I live by the National Wildlife Federation's motto "with a commitment to sustainability - provide essential elements of wildlife habitat: food, water, cover and a place to raise their young". I am enjoying this new adventure of my life's journey, being able to connect with other nature lovers and sharing our wonderful observations.

P.S. all my observations with the exception of ten are of and from my own property.

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