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Howdy! I am a conservationist with 9 years experience in habitat improvement and land management in Minnesota. I am fascinated by life in all of its forms, and I want to learn as much as I can about nature. Protecting biodiversity and its needed habitat is very important to me.

I identify and run. For the sake of time I don’t always leave explanations on ID disagreements, but feel free to @ me if you’d like reasoning for any ID I’ve left. I am most familiar with birds and flora of Minnesota, and Vicia and Lathyrus of North America.

Help me help you! It is difficult to confidently identify a plant to species based one photo. Take clear photos of as many characteristics as possible (leaves, flowers, fruit, plant in habitat, sepals, stipules, etc.) and it will be much easier to ID.

My list of online resources as a starting place for identifying MN and N. American species:

Lastly, to all you folks who regularly share your knowledge and enthusiasm or otherwise make this site an enjoyable place to be, thank you.

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