Desmond MacNeal

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Hey there, my name's Desmond MacNeal.

I really started being interested in nature at 9 years old and my passion has only grown stronger since then (currently I'm 13). My Dad (@dan_macneal) has been a big help with all the things I know now and I wouldn't have gotten to this point without him. Thanks Dad. I'm located within Guelph Eramosa, doing most of my birding in Wellington (unless I'm chasing a rarity). I'm best with the Birds and Herps of Ontario but getting better with insects and fungi. I use a Nikon P900 for photos.
Ebird profile-
I've started an umbrella project called Bird Eggs of Canada and under the project I have made diffrent projects for each province or territoy's bird eggs. Simply annotate your egg observsation -In Canada- as Life Stage=Egg.

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