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I was born in 1967. Married, father of two sons. Always interested in nature since childhood, especially lepidoptera. I had may first butterfly collection around the age of 10. Later, for family and professional reasons I had to make a break during many years. Since almost one decade, my passion came back as wildlife photographer. Because of people I met, i came to SNL (Society of Naturalists) and I started recording my observations to the MNHN (Natural history museum of Luxembourg), and since few months some special observations also to I-Naturalist. Administrator of 2 Facebook groups (Butterflies and moths of Luxembourg + Various fauna of Luxembourg) Due to few species of butterflies (around 80 in Luxembourg), my first interest came to moths. Together with friends, we found over 700 species in just one year. By the way, and out of butterfly seasons, I observe almost every wildlife, with focus on insects and spiders, but also birds, reptiles and amphibian, etc.
My second passion is my chemical-free park-like garden, where many wild plants and flowers came to grow by themselves, without introducing them. At this place, 'til 01.01.2021 I registered 816 insect species (633 butterflies and moths species), 31 different spiders and 47 birds species and much more.

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