Lake Hiawatha

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My name is Sean Connaughty
I am an artist and a teacher at the University of Minnesota.
Since we started cleaning up trash at Lake Hiawatha we have removed 9,480 lbs. of mostly plastic and styrofoam trash. We are working to protect existing wildlife populations and for comprehensive stormwater treatment. I am grateful for this website. It presents an opportunity to show the biodiversity of Lake Hiawatha and the importance of preserving the habitat as the parkland faces possible reconfiguration in the next few years. our ongoing biodiversity survey includes 253 species of animals that have been observed at Lake Hiawatha.
I am co founder and chair of Friends of Lake Hiawatha
MPRB Volunteer Steward for Lake Hiawatha.
MPCA Water quality volunteer for Lake Hiawatha.
MPRB Lake Hiawatha CAC member
MPRB Pesticide Advisory Committee member

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