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Kayaking north Florida led us into the natural world. And the Florida Master Naturalist Program introduced a framework for understanding the interconnectedness of nature. For a required project for three modules, three paddlers offered a blog site The Paddler's Guide to the Flowering Plants of Womack Creek, Tate's Hell State Forest, Florida (2012- ). Womack Creek is a 3.75 mile navigable section of a tributary of the Ochlockonee River which runs from Georgia to the Gulf of Mexico. After completion of the program we expanded the blog site to include all photographed species on that creek in the gallery. We monitor changes on the creek at least monthly (except during the summer months) and bi-monthly from March through May. This is recorded in the logbook section. The idea was to keep a phenological record of primarily blooming times. However, inaturalist provides an even better platform for phenological record keeping and for this, we are very grateful to the originators of the site.

I have learned so much from the identifiers who have taken time to explain why they have suggested an ID. Both in vocabulary and in learning to hone observational skills. It's like having a tutor.

I don't feel confident yet to identify species, but I feel confident enough to help anyone who may be interested in primitive (tent) camping and paddling the Florida panhandle west of the Suwanee River. We prefer to paddle and camp if the paddle location takes over 2 hours to get there -- away from cities, towns and residences on the water --e.g. public forests, parks, water management districts. Feel free to e-mail me. Snowbird RV'ers do not use primitive camp sites (some which are single sites) and these are usually in areas richer in plant and animal diversity. If you check a map of North Florida Panhandle you will see how much of the area is publically owned land. We all benefit from the state's purchase and maintenance of lands for restoration and conservation, affirmed by overwhelming public support in a 2014 plebiscite.

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