Nathanael Green

Liittynyt: 24. marraskuuta 2021 Viimeksi aktiivinen: 26. marraskuuta 2022 iNaturalist Australia

A naturalist who is interested in Australian nature, both the appearance of animals and their life history and taxonomy. The organisms that I especially am interested in are:
-Gastropods, Mostly Shelled

I have a seashell collection in which I display my gastropod findings. I have always been a collector and seashells are the perfect combination of nature and collecting. I use inaturalist as a sort of blog to document all my findings. I also like the community it creates, not to mention the identifications and support from fellow users. The more I find over time the more I get to learn about our biodiversity and virtually 'collect' different organisms.

Am currently destroying dense thicketts of lantana and replacing it with native vegetation.

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