Casey H. Richart Kuraattori

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I am a faculty research assistant at Oregon State University working in the Rory Mc Donnell lab. I received my PhD in evolutionary biology from San Diego State/UC Riverside working with @mhedin. The focus of my dissertation was species delimitation, systematics, biogeography, and taxonomy of Acuclavella and other genera within the Ischyropsalidoidea (Arachnida, Opiliones). My research interests include other creepy crawlies whose species are often short-range endemics, such as terrestrial gastropods and millipedes. Some professional research profiles can be seen here: Google Scholar, ResearchGate.

I administer the iNaturalist project Molluscan Mycophagy. I intend to publish a peer-reviewed article using this data, and I am generally interested in harnessing the power of community scientists to advance research and conservation goals.

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