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Just some random human who likes insects and other alive things, particularly cryptic things. My fascination was initially with ants but I've shifted over to termites, which has subsequently become my main focus in regards to IDing on this website. I am an amateur and have no formal background in entomology or isopterology and while I try my best regarding those IDs I am no expert.

If I don't reply to a mention, I probably forgot about it or lost it. Feel free to mention again.

Profile picture is of a Zootermopsis angusticollis nymph, from a colony I retrieved from a kicked over sign post thing.

Online Termite Resources

Interactive termite map similar to Antmaps.org. (Breaks often, sorry)

Gallery of termite soldier and imago heads. Curated by Dr. R. Scheffrahn
MySpecies.info - Mostly electron scanning microscope photographs
Termite Research Team

Taxonomic Classifications:
Dr. R. Constantino's Termite Database

Catalogues & Keys:
Treatise on Isoptera of the World (Krishna, 2013)

Natural history, systematics, morphology and generic key of all castes: Vol. 1
Catalogue of species & their associated scientific publications: Vol. 2 - 6
Catalogue of termite papers up to 2013: Vol. 7

A generic revision and phylogenetic study of the family Kalotermitidae (Krishna, 1961)

For generic identification of Kalotermitidae alates based on wing venation. (might be a bit outdated)

Shortcuts (mainly for personal use)

Termite flags

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