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**** About Me ****
Location: Sydney, Australia
Interests: native plants, birds, native bees and other insects
iNaturalist level: beginner 2.4
Learning: lots! :)

**** Useful info about iNat ****
Tips for taking ID photos, by San Diego Natural History Museum -

How to separate one observation into multiple observations on iNaturalist (instructions for mobile app at the top; or scroll down for instructions for website) - includes screenshots! :)

Why is the ID on an "unknown" observation so high-level?
"...Power identifiers often only look at a particular order, family, or other taxonomic group, so they’d never see observations without an ID. The people IDing your unknowns are just trying to helpfully nudge your observation in the right direction, where it will be hopefully seen by someone more knowledgeable." - sessilefielder

**** Useful identifying links ****
What Bug is That?, by CSIRO -

**** Interest Groups ****
Wild Orchid Watch Australia

**** Australian Observation Projects ****
Boronias of Australia

Myrtaceae of Australia

Butterflies of Australia

Crane flies of Australia

Cicadas of Australia

Dragonflies of Australia

**** Project collections ****
Projects within Victoria, Australia

Blue Mountains, NSW Australia

Penrith LGA, NSW Australia

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