Tom Devitt Kuraattori

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I'm interested in the ecology, evolution, and conservation of biodiversity, especially reptiles and amphibians inhabiting the southwestern United States and Mesoamerica. I'm a member of the Amphibian Specialist Group Red List Authority (Mexico), where I try to raise awareness and promote the conservation of Mexico’s declining amphibians, some 58% of which are threatened with extinction or have already gone extinct. - See more at:

By day, I'm an Environmental Scientist in the Watershed Protection Department of the City of Austin working on Austin's endangered spring salamanders (Eurycea sosorum, E. waterlooensis, and E. tonkawae). In my spare time, I'm working on a monographic revision of Mexican chirping and peeping frogs (genus Eleutherodactylus, subgenus Syrrhophus. See more at:

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