Toño Lorenzini

Liittynyt: 21. toukokuuta 2020 Viimeksi aktiivinen: 18. lokakuuta 2021 NaturaLista

Studied as an Archaeologist, Graduated as an Anthropologist. Been doing fieldwork since 2005 on multiple projects around Mexico. I've been growing an interest in Ethnobothany for a little over ten years and have participated in a couple projects centering on the theme.

I like to plant anything around and I've been doing this since I planted my first Ahuehuete (Montezuma Cyprus, Taxodium mucronatum) back in 2003. I don't really consider it as gardening since I like to mostly embrace the chaotic order that Nature arranges as an inspiration to plant stuff.

I also like Herpetology and will fascinate over any reptile I encounter.

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