Distribution of Madoqua in East Africa

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Distributions in Uganda, Kenya, and north Tanzania of members of the Günther’s dik-dik Madoqua (guentheri) and Kirk’s dik-dik M. (kirkii) species groups, regions of sympatry, records of aberrant-coloured individuals, and comment on the validity of Hodson’s dik-dik M. (g.) hodsoni

De Jong, Y.A. & Butynski, T.M. 2017. Gnusletter 34: 11-20

Abstract: This paper summarises what is known about the distributions, in Uganda, Kenya, and north Tanzania, of members of the Günther’s dik-dik Madoqua (guentheri) and Kirk’s dik-dik Madoqua (kirkii) species groups. This includes regions of sympatry that extend from near the Indian Ocean in south Somalia and Kenya westward through central Kenya to central east Uganda. Three traits for distinguishing Günther’s dik-dik M. (g.) guentheri and Smith’s dik-dik M. (g.) smithii from Kirk’s dik-dik M. (k.) kirkii and Cavendish’s dik-dik M. (k.) cavendishi in the field are provided. More than a dozen records (some supported by photographs) of aberrant-coloured (i.e., greyish and all-white) M. (guentheri) are presented. The question of whether Hodson’s dik-dik M. (g.) hodsoni is a valid species/subspecies is reviewed as this taxon appears to be based on several aberrant greyish individuals.

Full article is found on: http://www.wildsolutions.nl/madoqua/

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