15 Feb/18

I think my supposition about the timing of bird feeding is wrong. I've seen all the usual suspects in my normal walking area, doing the things they would always be doing. And less calling first thing in the morning.
Strange couple of days. It was warm yesterday - at 1300 it was 0C. By 0700 this morning it was -23C, with a brutal N wind. The Downy Woodpecker I saw had he head feathers a little ruffled by the wind. It was kind of funny - I could hear him battering away at a tree, and spent about five minutes looking around. Finally looked straight up, and there he was. Got a couple of shots, and one of a Nuthatch before my hands got too cold to be of much use.

Lähettänyt mamestraconfigurata mamestraconfigurata, 15. helmikuuta 2018 20:59


Kuvat / Äänet


Keijutikka (Dryobates pubescens)




Helmikuu 15, 2018 11:30 AM CST


Hanging upside down, hammering away on this branch.


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