SMALL UPDATE: Observation Field

The observation field World Habitats has been replaced with Marine Biome to better serve the this project. The description reads as follows:

"The biome the organism was observed in. "Biome" is a broad ecological term that encompasses several different habitats. If the organism was not observed in the ocean or on a coast, leave this entry blank."

The available fields are:
• Seashore (Littoral Zone / Intertidal Zone)
• Estuary / River Delta
• Kelp Forest
• Coral Reef / Barrier Reef
• Bank / Shelf (Neritic Zone)
• Open Ocean (Pelagic Zone / Oceanic Zone)
• Ocean Floor (Demersal Zone / Benthic Zone)

If you have any questions, concerns, or ideas on how to better this project, please feel free to comment.

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