January 14, 2021 - North side

January 14, 2021 (Thursday), 1:07pm - 2:49pm.
Coverage: Jones parking lot to second stop sign.

32 dead newts (of which 2 may be juveniles), 0 live newts. Again, more dead newts found on the side of the road further from the reservoir. A majority were dry, except in the moist recesses of the road.

Other roadkill: None noticed

Weather: Low 70s, mostly sunny, still hasn't rained a while - RAIN DANCE!

Traffic: 39 cars; 12 bikes; 2 quarry trucks; 0 pedestrians

I tried a different camera app (OpenCamera), and to my surprise had only one newt's location be a bit off the road, none ended up in Bear Creek Redwoods. Not sure if it's due to the app or something about being on the north side.

Not much to report otherwise. It's been a long time since I've done the north side. It feels shorter, but also like there's so much more traffic, and blind curves. Always tradeoffs.

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I completely agree. It's a bit shorter (I think it's 2 miles compared with 2.5), but much busier with traffic and therefore newts. And feels more dangerous to walk because of the blind curves. I've been thinking about it while getting to know the south section...

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Just a note that I used the ImageJ software for the first time to measure the 2 newts that seemed like juveniles, and added that SVL information to the observations, easy enough to do after working through @truthseqr's great instructions. If anyone with more experience wants to sanity check the results, feel free.

Lähettänyt newtpatrol 3 kuukautta sitten (Lippu)

@newtpatrol, I double-checked your SVL measurements for the juveniles and they look good to me.

Lähettänyt truthseqr 3 kuukautta sitten (Lippu)

Great, thanks @truthseqr.

Lähettänyt newtpatrol 3 kuukautta sitten (Lippu)

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